Artificial Sophisticated Art Photographer (ASAP)

Roelof van der Schaaf 

This website is about old analogue , digital contemporary and the hopefully unknown tomorrow's photography known as Artificial Sophisticated Art Photography philosophy. (ASAP) The philosophy behind artificial sophisticated art photography involves merging technology, creativity, and aesthetics to produce visually compelling and intellectually engaging works of art.

Think, Imagine, Create

Artificial Sophisticated Art Photography (ASAP) is based on modern technology to open photography to all known art(s) as a base and not a result. The obscure camera is a raw producer of colour and shape only. New sophisticated software and old fashioned drawing arts combined create a new visual reality formally known as 'digital arts'.

Turning Moments Into Art

In fact we are talking about the revolution in visual arts. Dall-E is an example of this revolution, just type in a word or a text and Dall-E creates an image. ASAP is different in the way of combining the crafts of photography, drawing, scanning, collecting and using software to create a unique piece of art. 

The Future Is Now

The artist from the past is now a pilot flying over the enormous landscape of digital arts and will be landing anywhere necessary or desired. The artist of today needs the knowledge (of arts) and the technology from today and tomorrow to survive the modern struggle in the jungle of arts.